John Arnold Shopfitters

A website for one of Adelaide’s oldest shopfitters.

I really enjoyed working with Sam and Brian. Over a few weeks, we were able to figure out their needs a put it together in a well-rounded package. From there, the JAS team were able to fill in their content with copy and images that best represented them and meant the most to their customers.

For this project, we built a new colour scheme for their brand and played with a number of new logos as part of the project. Together we settled on a sharp and minimalist layout with a strong focus on straight lines and circles. Pictures of the work done by the JAS team is really important for their clients, and that work is placed front and centre in this project.

We still work with their team often, and the JAS team trust us with all of their web design needs.

On this site, we used the Elementor page builder and a custom theme.

Check them out here –

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