Comseat Australia

An eCommerce website for one of South Australia’s leading and proudest commercial furniture manufacturers.

In this huge project, we worked with Comseat to build their website up to a standard that would put them in the leading position among the South Australian commercial furniture wholesalers. We worked endlessly to build and help educate the guys over at Comseat on how to structure an eCommerce website. After finishing their site, the South Australian Government Office of Industry Advocacy is now using it as an example of how to build websites to use their advocacy rating system.

With some unique functionality, including an extensive add-on and variations system, a comparison function, a request quote function and different pricing levels, this project was a mammoth undertaking.

We were able to meet with Comseat often to make sure the website was coming along well, to tailor it perfectly to their specifications and to help educate them on a lot of the functionality of their new site.

Check out their site, which will see ongoing changes in the future, over at –

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